What are the success and satisfaction rates for the vacuum device

The initial report on the vacuum device, which was published in 1985, reported a 90% success rate for this device in achieving an erection that was adequate for sexual performance. Since then, published success rates with the vacuum device have ranged from 84-95%, and overall satisfaction rates reported for this device have ranged from 72-94%. Notably, the vacuum device has been shown to be effective in treating men with erectile dysfunction of many different causes. In patients with spinal cord injuries, the success rate is reported to be 92%. In those with psychogenic erectile dysfunction, this device also yields good results. In men who have erectile dysfunction caused by arterial disease or after radical prostatectomy, the success rate ranges from 90-100%. Furthermore, the vacuum device is successful in some men who were impotent after the removal of a penile prosthesis.

Approximately 50-70% of individuals continue to use the vacuum device over the long term. Reasons for discontinuation of this therapy include issues unrelated to the device (e.g., return of spontaneous erections, loss of libido, or loss of partner), which were cited in 43% of cases in one study. In 57% of cases, the reason for discontinuation is related to side effects of the device or partner dissatisfaction.

Several studies have compared the vacuum device with other forms of treatment for ED. In a study of men who were using the vacuum device successfully and then tried sildenafil (Viagra), approximately one-third preferred to resume use of the vacuum device rather than continue with the oral medication, citing the fact that the vacuum device gave them a better-quality erection. In a study that compared intracavernosal therapy (injection therapy) with the vacuum device, there was a trend among younger patients who had a shorter period of ED to favor intracavernosal therapy.

Bob's comment:

I did not have very good results with this device. However, many users have achieved excellent results with this technology.

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