What is minimally invasive surgical treatment of BPH

Even though open prostatectomy and TURP, TUIP, and TUVP are commonly performed, reliable operations, urologists have sought procedures that are less invasive and easier on the patients. These procedures have become known as minimally invasive surgical treatment (MIST) of BPH. These MIST techniques include VaporTrode procedure, laser procedures, hyper-thermia and thermotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, balloon dilation of the prostate, urethral stents, and high-intensity focused ultrasound.

The VaporTrode (CIRCON/ACMI) uses high electrical energy transmitted through a grooved rollerball that is run over the area of prostate to be treated. VaporTrode prostectomy uses the same instrumentation as a TURP, but instead of a resecting loop, the VaporTrode device is used. This vaporizes the prostate tissue. The advantage of VaporTrode is that there is less bleeding. A long-term study comparing subjective and objective outcomes of TURP and VaporTrode demonstrated similar subjective outcomes for both with an average of 10 years of follow-up, with slightly better objective outcomes with TURP.

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