What is the success rate of MUSE

In the initial studies of MUSE's effectiveness, the success rate was 64%. More recent studies have demonstrated its efficacy to be only 30%, however. Attempts to increase this success rate via the use of the ACTIS venous constrictor, a constricting band that is placed at the base of the penis, have helped some men. In some men, an erection rigid enough for penetration may occur in the standing position; however, when these individuals change to a supine position, the erection may decrease. In these men, changing the position used for intercourse or using the constricting band has proved helpful.

It is difficult to predict who will and who will not respond to MUSE. The patient's age and the cause of the erectile dysfunction, for example, are not predictive of response. Nevertheless, MUSE is unlikely to be effective in men who have not responded to intracav-ernous injection therapy.

Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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