What other disorders can mimic BPH

Other underlying disorders can mimic the symptoms of BPH. A neurogenic bladder, or bladder with impairment of its nerve supply, can cause a patient to void either frequently or infrequently depending on the nature of the neurologic problem. At times, a neurogenic bladder can cause the patient to be unable to urinate or go into urinary retention.

Diabetes mellitus can cause frequent urination, as many patients with diabetes make a greater volume of urine per 24 hours. With long-standing diabetes, bladder damage can occur that results in a decreased ability of the bladder to contract and therefore causes less frequent urination.

A urinary tract infection can cause urinary frequency and burning with urination. A urethral stricture or scar tissue in the urethra from old infections or trauma can cause a decrease in the urinary stream.

The following is a list of additional disorders that may mimic BPH:

Other causes of bladder outlet obstruction: Bladder neck obstruction Prostate cancer

• Mullerian duct cysts—congenital abnormalities— if the cysts are large, they may compress the urethra, making it difficult to void

• Urethral stricture—scar tissue in the urethra causing narrowing and resistance to the flow of urine

• Urethral valves—congenital leaflets in the urethra that balloon out, like the sails of a sailboat, when one is urinating and obstruct the outflow of urine

• Impaired detrusor contractility—a bladder that does not contract well

Overactive bladder—occurs in 40-70% men with bladder outlet obstruction

• Painful bladder syndrome

• Inflammatory and infectious conditions:

Cystitis—infection/inflammation of the bladder

• Carcinoma in situ of the bladder—an early cancer in the bladder that may cause the bladder to be overactive

Prostatitis (see Question 61)

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