Aromatherapy Aromatology and Aromachology

Aromatherapy can now be divided into three "sciences": aromatherapy, aromatology, and aromachology.

Aromachology [coined by the Sense of Smell Institute (SSI), USA, 1982] is based on the interrelationship of psychology and odor, that is, its effect on specific feelings (e.g., relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness, and achievement) by its direct effect on the brain.

Aromatherapy is defined by the SSI as "the therapeutic effects of aromas on physical conditions (such as menstrual disorders, digestive problems, etc.) as well as psychological conditions (such as chronic depression)." The odor being composed of a mixture of fat-soluble chemicals may thus have an effect on the brain via inhalation, skin absorption, or even directly via the nose.

Aromatology is concerned with the internal use of oils (SSI). This is similar to the use of aromatherapy in most of Europe, excluding the United Kingdom; it includes the effect of the chemicals in the essential oils via oral intake, or via the anus, vagina, or any other possible opening by medically qualified doctors or at least herbalists, using essential oils as internal medicines.

There is a vast difference between aromatherapy in the United Kingdom and that in continental Europe (aromatology): the former is "alternative" while the latter is "conventional." The "alternative" aromatherapy is largely based on "healing," which is largely based on belief (Millenson, 1995; Benson and Stark, 1996; Lis-Balchin, 1997). This is credited with a substantial placebo influence. However, the placebo effect can be responsible for results in both procedures.

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