Biotransformation Of Sesquiterpenoids By Mammals Insects And Cytochrome P450

15.3.1 Animals (Rabbits) and Dosing

Six male albino rabbits (2-3 kg) were starved for 2 days before experiment. Monoterpene were suspended in water (100 mL) containing polysorbate 80 (0.1 g) and were homogenized well. This solution (20 mL) was administered to each rabbit through a stomach tube followed by water (20 mL). This dose of sesquiterpenoids corresponds to 400-700 mg/kg. Rabbits were housed in stainless steal metabolism cages and were allowed rabbit food and water ad libitum. The urine was collected daily for 3 days after drug administration and stored at 0-5°C until the time of analysis. The urine was centrifuged to remove feces and hairs at 0°C and the supernatant was used for the experiments.

M. ramannianus

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