6.1 Introduction 151

6.2 Classical Analytical Techniques 152

6.3 Modern Analytical Techniques 156

6.3.1 Use of GC and Linear Retention Indices in Essential Oils Analysis 157

6.3.2 Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry 158

6.3.3 Fast GC for Essential Oil Analysis 159

6.3.4 Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry for the Assessment of Odor-Active Components of Essential Oils 162

6.3.5 Gas Chromatographic Enantiomer Characterization of Essential Oils 164

6.3.6 LC and Liquid Chromatography Hyphenated to MS in the Analysis of Essential Oils 165

6.3.7 Multidimensional Gas Chromatographic Techniques 167

6.3.8 Multidimensional Liquid Chromatographic Techniques 174

6.3.9 On-Line Coupled Liquid Chromatography-Gas Chromatography (LC-GC) 176

6.4 General Considerations on Essential Oil Analysis 177

References 177

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