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18.1 Basic Principles of the Aroma-Vital Cuisine 864

18.1.1 The Heart of Culinary Arts is Based on Exquisite Ingredients and an Accomplished Rounding 864

18.1.2 Quality Criteria and Specifics that have to be Adhered to, while

Handling Essential Oils for Food Preparation 864

18.1.3 Storage 865

18.1.4 Quantity 865

18.1.5 Emulsifiers and Forms of Administering 865

18.1.6 To Add Spice with Natural Aromas in a Balanced Way 865

18.1.7 Essential Oils are able to Lift Our Spirits as well 866

18.2 A Small Culinary Trip: Aroma-Vital Cuisine Recipes and Introduction 866

Your nourishment ought to be your remedies and your medicaments shall be your food.


Certainly, the value of our nutrition, in terms of nutritional physiology, is not only conditioned by its nutrient and calorie contents. Moreover, also health-conscious and constitutional eating habits require an adequate preparation of meals as well as an appropriate form of presentation. Early sophisticated civilizations and their health doctrines, like that of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda in Southeast Asia, and for instance the medical schools during the ancient Greek period examined individuals and their reaction on life circumstances, habits, nutrition, and substances, to contribute to a long-lasting health. To support a person's balance the aim was to develop a conscious way of using the senses and a balanced sensory perception.

Thus fragrances are a kind of soul food, as the information of scents can be perceived in every section of our self, physical, energetic as well as intellectual, from a holistic point of view. Adding spice with essential oils according to the Aroma-Vital cuisine combines sensuality with sanative potential.

People across continents and cultures have experimented with the healing virtues of "nature's bouquet" or just simply tried to enhance the flavor and vitality of their meals. The ancient Egyptian civilization reverted to an elaborated dinner ceremony by using the efficacy of essential oils to get the participants in the mood for the meal. Before the food was served, heated chalices with scented fats, enriched with a variety of herbs and spices were provided, not only to spread pleasant smells, rather as a kind of odorous aperitif to activate ones saliva to prepare for digestion. Meals that have been enriched with essential oils or expressed oils, rebound to a conscious awareness of consuming food, are well-nigh comparable, like going on a culinary expedition. This fare is perceived as a composition of tastes, which is not only tastefully ingenious, but also might be able to raise the food's virtue.

In this regard the entropy rather than the potency of the condiment is significant. The abundance of nuances, the art of adding flavor on the cusp of being noticeable, becomes more important than giving aroma officiously. The scents hovering above the meals, almost like a slight breeze, compound the food's own natural flavor in a subtle manner. "Less is more" is the economic approach which in this context is indicative.

The sensation of satiety is taking place early on. Due to this desire to savor to the fullest, the taste is excited and leads to longer chewing. This in turn activates a-amylase (amylolytic enzyme, already working in the oral cavity). Conditionally on the high bioavailability, especially of the monoter-penes, which are significant and available in the paring of citrus fruits and some kind of herbs, in a sense the Aroma-Vital cuisine shows aspects of the salutary genesis (Salutogenese). The savoriness of the food, pleasant smell, and appetizing appearance plays a prominent role here, at last the appetite regulates between physiological needs and pleasure and thus variety and vitally enhanced meals are in demand.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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