Cyclodextrin Complexation Of Volatiles

Cyclodextrin molecules are modified carbohydrates that have been used for many years to modify the solubility properties of drug molecules by complexation. The cyclodextrin can also be applied to volatiles to protect them against the environmental hazards and thus prolong the shelf life of these compounds. Cyclodextrin complexation will also modify the volatility of the essential oils and prolong the bioactivity. The cyclodextrins will give a molecular encapsulation by the complexation reaction with volatile molecules. The complexation of the volatiles with cyclodextrin may improve the heat stability, improve the stability toward oxygen, and improve the stability against light (Szente, 1988). A significant lowering of the volatility has been observed for the complexation with essential oils (Risch and Reineccius, 1988). The complexation of essential oils by the use of cyclodextrins will also result in increased heat stability. This is in contrast with the stability of volatiles that have been adsorbed on a polymer matrix. The use of cyclodextrins can protect the volatiles against

Loss of volatiles upon storage of a finished product Light-induced instability Heat decomposition

Production of free-flowing "dry" powders Oxidation.

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