Deoxy ri bose Assay

This assay is used for determining the scavenging activity on the hydroxyl radical. The pure EO is applied in different concentrations (Dordevic et al., 2006). The competition between deoxyribose and the sample about hydroxyl radicals that are engendered by an Fe3+/EDTA/H2O2 system is measured. The radicals were formed to attack the deoxyribose and they are detected by their ability to degrade 2-deoxy-2-ribose into fragments. These degradation products generate with 2-thiobarbitu-ric acid (TBA) at a low pH and upon heating pink chromogens. The TBA-reactive substances could be determined spectrophotometrically at 532 nm. So the damage of 2-deoxy-2-ribose by the radicals is detected with the aid of the TBA assay.

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