False Claims Challenged in Court

The false promotion of products for treating not only medical conditions but also well-being generally is now being challenged in the law courts. For example, in 1997, Los Angeles attorney Morse Mehrban charged that Lafabre and Aroma Vera had violated the California Business and Professions Code by advertising that their products could promote health and well-being, relax the body, relax the mind, enhance mood, purify the air, are antidotes to air pollution, relieve fatigue, tone the body, nourish the skin, promote circulation, alleviate feminine cramps, and do about 50 other things (Barrett, 2000). In September 2000, the case was settled out of court with a $5700 payment to Mehrban and a court-approved stipulation prohibiting the defendants from making 57 of the disputed claims in advertising within California (Horowitz, 2000).

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