FIGURE 15.64 Biotransformation of 6-epi-a-santonin (190) by Absidia coerulea, Asparagus officinalis, Marchantia polymorpha, and Nicotiana tabacum.

derivative (224). The same substrate was also treated in Aspergillus quardilatus (wild type) to give 13-acetyl product (225) (Atta-ur Rahman et al., 1994) (Figure 15.67).

Incubation of (-)-frullanolide (226), obtained from the European liverwort, Frullania tamarisci subsp. tamarisci causes a potent allergenic contact dermatitis, was incubated by Aspergillus niger to give dihydrofrullanolide (227), nonallergenic compound in 31.8% yield. In this case, C11-C13 dihydro derivative was not obtained (Hashimoto et al., 2005).

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