Class Description

I Structure and related data suggest a low order of toxicity.

If combined with low human exposure, they should enjoy an extremely low priority for investigation. The criteria for adequate evidence of safety would also be minimal. Greater exposures would require proportionately higher priority for more exhaustive study

II Intermediate substances. They are less clearly innocuous than those of Class I, but do not offer the basis either of the positive indication of toxicity or of the lack of knowledge characteristic of those in Class III

III Permit no strong initial presumptions of safety, or that may even suggest significant toxicity. They thus deserve the highest priority for investigation. Particularly, when per capita intake is high of a significant subsection of the population has a high intake, the implied hazard would then require the most extensive evidence for safety-in-use a The human exposure threshold was calculated by multiplying the fifth percentile NOEL by 60 (assuming an individual weighs 60 kg) and dividing by a safety factor of 100.

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