UN no. 2319-

terpene hydrocarbons

and others are distributed among the UN nos. 2811 (3), 2924 (3), 1545 (2), 1130 (1), 1197 (1), 1201 (1), 1299 (1), 1990 (1), and 3077 (1).

Details can be found in EFFA's Code of Practice (CoP, 2008, et seq.), which is described later on. Consignments of dangerous substances (and dangerous goods respectively) must be accompanied by a so-called Material Safety Data Sheet. For this purpose, the International Standard

Organization (ISO) has developed a standard form that—divided into 16 headings—provides basically information on

Name of the supplier

Name and identification of the substance/preparation

Composition/components of the article

Hazard identification

First aid measures

Fire fighting measures

Accidental release measures

Ecological information

Transport information

Regulatory information and so on to inform users and forwarders about the risks in connection with the chemical substance.

Not only producers but also suppliers have the responsibility that the MSDS Form (material safety datasheet) is properly completed.

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