In order to widen the applications of volatiles (essential oils), it is necessary to lower the volatility of the compounds to obtain a longer shelf life of products made with these compounds. By lowering the volatility, one can also imagine a possibility to better test the biological effects of these compounds. The encapsulation processes are means by which a liquid essential oil is enclosed in a carrier matrix to provide a dry, free-flowing powder. However, for the prolonged effect of volatile compounds many other techniques are used, where methods are copied from other fields of research when one wants to control the release of active ingredients.

To lower the volatility, one needs to encapsulate the volatiles into a polymer matrix, utilize complex formation, use the covalent bonding to a matrix—to mention a few techniques. We therefore need to formulate the volatiles and take many of these techniques from areas where controlled release formulations have already been in use for many years. The area with the maximum number of applications of controlled release formulations is the field of drug delivery. In this area of research, there exists a large number of publications as well as a large number of patents where one can find inspiration for the formulation of programmed release of volatiles (Deasy, 1984).

So far in the area of volatile terpenes/essential oils, we have seen a large number of investigations that focused on plant selection, volatiles isolation techniques, separation of the volatiles isolated, identification of isolated compounds, and the biochemical formation of terpenes. The formulation

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