FIGURE 14.122 Proposed the metabolic pathways of (+)-carvotanacetone (47) and (-)-carvotanacetone (47') by Streptomyces bottropensis, SY-2-1. (Modified from Noma, Y. et al., 1985c. Proc. 29th TEAC, pp. 238-240.)

ratio of 3:1], and 8-hydroxy-(+)-neocarvomenthol (102a'). On the other hand, the same fungus converted (+)-carvotanacetone (47) to (-)-isocarvomenthone (48b), 1a-hydroxy-(+)- neoisocarvomenthol (54) via 1a-hydroxy-(+)-isocarvomenthone (53) and 8-hydroxy-(-)-isocarvomenthone (45b) as shown in Figure 14.123 (Noma et al., 1988b). Piperitone

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