PCarotene Bleaching Test

The lipid peroxidation inhibitory activities of EOs are assessed by the b-carotene bleaching tests (Yadegarinia et al., 2006). In this method, the ability to minimize the coupled oxidation of b -carotene and linoleic acid is measured with a photospectrometer. The reaction with radicals shows a change in this orange color. The b-carotene bleaching test shows better results than the DPPH assay because it is more specialized in lipophilic compounds. The test is important in the food industry because the test medium is an emulsion, which is near to the situation in food, therefore allowable alternatives to synthetic antioxidants can be found. An only qualitative assertion uses the TLC procedure. A sample of the EOs is applied onto a TLC plate and is sprayed with b-carotene and linoleic acid. Afterwards, the plate is abandoned to the daylight for 45 min. Zones with constant yellow colors show an antioxidative activity of the component (Guerrini et al., 2006).

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