Metacarpal Shell

1. Supports the transverse metacarpal arch via dorsal and palmar metacarpal bars and hypothenar bar.

2. Provides a base of attachment for finger or thumb phalangeal bars and for outrigger components.

Fig. 21-7A,B

Splint: Index finger PIP extension mobilization splint, type 1 (2) (Fig. 21-7, C)


a. Index finger PIP joint b. Index-small finger MP joints c. First web space d. Extensor pollicis longus tendon e. Distal wrist extension crease

a. Distal palmar flexion crease b. Opponens crease c. Distal wrist flexion crease ulnar side


Fig. 21-7C Example of completed splint.

Fig. 21-7F

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