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Patient Encounter 2

She also complains of increased facial hair growth and lower extremity muscle weakness. Physical exam reveals facial acne, facial hirsutism, truncal obesity, thin skin, and purple abdominal striae. Her past medical history is significant for hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and lupus.

Her Marriage to Diego Rivera

They were married on 21 August 1929. She borrowed her maid's clothes and dressed like a regional Tehuana woman. Her appearance was unconventional she declined to remove her facial hair and was known for her unibrow, small mustache, and for her flamboyant Mexicana-styled clothes long, colorful skirts, peasant-style embroidered blouses, large beaded jewelry, all of which became her style of dress till her death.

The distribution of H

Example, with N 15, it will always be 20 regardless of the number of conditions and the variability between them. We can therefore use MStotal as a benchmark with which to compare the actual variability of the ranks between the conditions. If there is no variability between the conditions SSbetxonds will be zero as the total of ranks within each condition will be the same, and if there is lots of variability between the conditions then SSbeLconds will be large, as the similar ranks will cluster within specific conditions. But how large is large This is why we compare it to MStotal. In our example, when we calculate them separately we find SSbe.conds 205.2 and MStotal 20, so SSbetcconds is over 10 times larger than MStotal, implying that the variability between conditions is not random, and indicates an effect of facial hair on the judgements of attractiveness. We now need to find the distribution of H under the null hypothesis to find the value of H required for significance. Clearly,...

Acromegaly Patient Encounter 1 Medical History Physical Examination and Diagnostic Tests

EB, a 48-year-old woman, presents to a new primary care clinic. EB's chief complaints are chronic pain of the knee and pins and needles and numbness in both hands. Over the past few years, she feels that her body has been changing. EB reports increased urinary frequency, excessive sweating, worsening headaches, an increase of two shoe sizes, and facial hair that she shaves once a week. She says that her hands have enlarged to the point that my wedding band won't fit anymore. ROS (+) Coarse facial hair. Deepening of voice

Masculine secondary sexual adornments a comparative perspective

Nasalis Larvatus Skica

The relatively conspicuous visual traits of adult human males include facial hair, male pattern baldness, and body hair all these traits vary considerably in their expression both within and between human populations. A score of 10 was allocated for these sexually dimorphic characters in men (Dix-son et al. 2005), which is high, given the relatively modest sex differences in human body weights. Among the monkeys and apes which have polygy-nous mating systems, scores for male-biased sexual dimorphism in visual adornments are significantly correlated with the degree of sexual dimorphism in body size the largest males have the most striking secondary sexual adornments (Figure 17.19). It is probable that the human male would justify even higher scores using this rating scale, if sex differences in facial morphology were to be taken into consideration. occur in different human populations as regards the presence or relative absence of facial hair in men. He concluded that 'as far as the...

Hyperprolactinemia and Prolactinomas

Clinical evaluation of patients with suspected prolactino-mas should include a thorough evaluation of medication history and presence of comorbidities. Many drugs are known to cause hyperprolactinemia, including phenothiazines, haloperidol, metoclopramide, H2 antagonists, imipramines, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), calcium channel blockers, and hormones. The physical examination may reveal galactorrhea and visual field defects. Women may have mild hirsutism and men decreased facial hair growth.

Kruskal Wallis test for independent measures

The Kruskal-Wallis test performs an analysis that is very similar to an analysis of variance on the ranks. The test is performed when the assumptions of the parametric ANOVA cannot be made. An example of such data occurs in the following illustration. A researcher was interested in differences in attractiveness and the selection of candidates for jobs. As well as examining female attractiveness a number of experiments were undertaken on male attractiveness. One of the questions considered was whether different types of facial hair led to different judgements of male attractiveness by women. A female personnel officer in a large company agreed to rate photographs of men's faces on attractiveness on a 0 to 50 scale, with a high value indicating a high level of attractiveness. Out of a large pool of photographs of different men, five men with beards, five men with moustaches and five clean shaven men were randomly selected. (The photographs in the pool had been matched on age, hairstyle...

Pubertal Growth and Development

The first sign of puberty in boys is an increase in growth of the testes and scrotum, with reddening and wrinkling of the scrotal skin. Pubic hair appears within 6 months, followed by phallic enlargement in 12 to 18 months and peak height velocity 2 to 2.5 years after testicular enlargement (Copeland, 1986). Axillary hair usually appears 2 years after the beginning of pubic hair growth (stage 4 pubic hair), but there is considerable variability. Some boys may have enlargement of the breasts midway through adolescence. Following the attainment of peak height velocity, boys develop mature spermatozoa, full facial hair, and voice change. However, breaking of the voice is a late and often gradual process.

The treatment of androgenpotentiated hair disorders

The most common endocrine treatment, outside the USA, is the antiandrogen, cyproterone acetate, given with estrogen if the woman is premenopausal spiro-lactone or flutamide can be used as an alternative (Fruzzetti 1997 Lumachi and Rondinome 2003). Patients have to be well-motivated because hair growth on the face generally takes at least nine months before a noticeable effect occurs, although any acne will be cleared in a couple of months and effects on thigh hair growth will be seen in four to six months (Sawers etal. 1982). Facial responses are seen first on the sides of the face and last on the upper lip, in reverse order to the appearance of facial hair in men (personal observations). Finasteride has also been used for hirsutism with some success (Lacryc etal. 2003). This seems logical as 5a-reductase type 2 is necessary for male pattern body hair growth (see Section 6.4.1). Contraception is still required with all endocrine treatments due to the potential to affect the...

Clinical Features

Although any body part or aspect of physical appearance may be a source of concern and several body parts may be involved simultaneously, concerns generally focus on the patient's face or head (e.g., size or shape of the nose, eyes, lips, teeth, or other facial features thinning hair excessive facial hair acne wrinkles scars). Individuals may spend hours per day checking their appearance, engage in excessive grooming or exercising to minimize or erase the defect, and or become housebound.

The Purpose Of Facial Approximation

General information such as age, height, weight, sex, and ethnic grouping are paramount in the success or otherwise of a facial approximation. Depending upon evidence being available, hair color, length, and texture, male facial hair, skin coloring, jewelry, and clothing will enhance the approximation.

Daily Lives

Couples may find that epilepsy in one partner interferes with sex, intimacy, and sexuality. For example, having a seizure disorder may make a person feel unattractive and undesirable because of an altered self-image. Certain antiepileptic medications may cause cosmetic problems, such as coarsened skin, darkened facial hair, or periodontal disease, that may contribute to those negative feelings. Normal behavior during sexual activities, including abnormal breathing, altered facial expression, or stiffening of the body, may mimic seizure activity, causing patients or their partners to distance themselves or avoid sexual activity. Persons with epilepsy often worry about the possibility that they will have a seizure during sex. It is essential to address the impact of epilepsy on relationships and intimacy in counseling.


The appearance and maintenance of a male sexual hair pattern is a good parameter for monitoring testosterone replacement (see Chapter 6). In particular, beard growth and frequency of shaving can easily be recorded. Hair growth in the upper pubic triangle is an important indicator of sufficient androgen substitution. While women, boys and untreated hypogonadal patients have a straight frontal hairline, androgenization is accompanied by temporal recession of the hairline and - if a predisposition exists - by the development of baldness. The pattern of male sexual hair is of greater importance than the intensity of hair growth since no correlation could be found between the intensity of body hair growth and serum testosterone levels in the normal range (Knussmann etal. 1992). A well-substituted patient may have to shave daily. However, if there is no genetic disposition for dense beard growth, additional testosterone will not increase facial hair.

The Road to Truth

A wide range of cues involving the body, face, skin and hair, as well patterns of movement, vocal and olfactory stimuli, combine in ways which are still not fully understood, to produce individual variations in attractiveness. Many of these traits relate to underlying qualities of physiology, and may provide men and women with clues about the likely health, endocrine status, and developmental history of prospective partners. It is remarkable, for example, that women who have higher levels of oestrogen during the follicular phases of their menstrual cycles are consistently rated as being facially more attractive (Law-Smith et al. 2006). The quality of the skin and the female complexion may be relevant here, as well as differences in other facial traits which are affected by hormones (see Figure 7.17). The reduction of hair on the body and face, which occurred during human evolution, for reasons that are still debated (Jablonski 2006 Rantala 2007), provided further avenues for sexual...