possible cause An area of breast tissue that is not emptying properly may be causing the lump.

action Offer the affected breast first at each feed, and let the baby empty the breast. Try varying the feeding position. If these measures do not help, consult your doctor.

J50 Depression after childbirth

Childbirth is followed by a dramatic alteration in the body's hormones as you begin to adjust to no longer being pregnant. Your emotions are also likely to be in turmoil -a new baby brings huge changes to your lifestyle, and you may not find it easy to come to terms with the reality of motherhood and the demands that your baby makes on you.

Friends and family may be willing to help but will tend to direct all their attention towards the new baby rather than you, a huge switch from the time when you were pregnant. Around 8 out of every 10 women suffer from "baby blues" soon after giving birth. Some 1 in 10 women develop a much more severe, longer-term postnatal depression.

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