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How to use this book

The major part of this book consists of 150 question-and-answer symptom charts, which help you determine the possible cause of a symptom and what to do. Background information on how the body works and how to keep it healthy precedes the charts, and, after them, you can find information on dealing with major emergencies. The book concludes with useful information on drugs and how to contact support groups or find further health information.

Your body and health

You will find general information about the body and health in this highly illustrated section, which is divided into four parts. Your Body shows how major body systems function, and also covers pregnancy, birth, and child development. In Healthy Living, you can find out how to stay healthy and minimize the risks of common disorders. What to expect when you see your doctor and other healthcare professionals is covered in Professional Healthcare. Finally, Medical Tests covers procedures that doctors may use to diagnose and assess disorders.

Symptom charts

The Symptom Charts are grouped according to age and/or sex - there are charts for children of different ages, charts for all adults, and charts specifically for men and women. The charts help you find a possible cause of many symptoms that may affect you or your child and tell you what steps you should take, whether it involves professional help or self-help. At the start of the charts section, there are detailed instructions on how to use the charts, along with two types of "chartfinder" to help you find the most appropriate chart for a particular symptom.

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