see your doctor within 24 hours

Possible cause A skin infection with the fungus that causes thrush is a possibility. It may accompany nappy rash and oral thrush.

Action Your doctor will probably prescribe an antifungal cream and will possibly also prescribe a corticosteroid cream.

possible cause Your baby probably has nappy rash, which affects most babies at some time, particularly when they have diarrhoea. Some babies seem more susceptible than others.

action Follow the advice on treating nappy rash (left). If the rash does not clear up within a few days or if it becomes worse, consult your doctor, who may prescribe a corticosteroid cream to reduce the inflammation.

Feeling generally unwell

For unusual or excessive tiredness in a child, see chart 10, times, you may suspect that your child is unwell if he or she

Tiredness (p.68). seems quieter or more irritable than usual. Use this chart to

A child may sometimes complain of feeling unwell without look for specific signs of illness. Such signs may lead you to a giving you a clear idea of what exactly the matter is. At other more specific chart within this book or to consult a doctor.

Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections

Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections

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