Is your child impossible to comfort at the time but has no memory of the event the following morning?

yes no


Average total sleep per 24 hours

Up to 3 months

16 hours

3-5 months

14 hours

5-24 months

13 hours

2-3 years

12 hours

3-5 years

11 hours

5-9 years

10V2 hours

9-13 years

10 hours

Amount of sleep according to age

This table shows the average number of hours of sleep needed by babies and children at different ages.

Does your child want to play on waking?

yes n

Does your child share a bedroom with you or another child?

Possible cause Your child is probably having nightmares. Bad dreams are common in children aged 5-6 and may be triggered by a frightening experience or events on television or in stories. Nightmares may be caused by anxiety.

action Comfort your child until he or she manages to go back to sleep. In some cases, it may help to talk about the dream. If your child's nightmares are persistent or frequent, consult your doctor.

Consult your doctor or health visitor if you are unable to identify a cause for your child's sleeping problem from this chart.

Possible cause Your child may be being disturbed by others in the room.

action If possible, place your child in a separate room to sleep so that he or she is able to sleep through the night without being disturbed. After a few weeks, he or she may be able to share a room again without waking up at night.

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