Does the pain last only a few seconds?

yes no

Does your child feel pain when he or she bites on a tooth that has been filled recently?

yes yes

see your dentist within 24 hours possible cause Your child may have decay deep within a tooth or in a crack in a tooth. This is especially likely if your child also has bouts of throbbing tooth pain not brought on by food or drink.

action Your dentist will examine your child's teeth and may need to remove and fill any decayed areas.


The eruption of a tooth, particularly a molar, can be uncomfortable and may make your child irritable and restless. You may be able to feel the emerging tooth if you run your finger over the gum. A baby may have flushed cheeks, be less willing to feed, and may sleep poorly when teething. However, you should not attribute other symptoms, such as a fever or diarrhoea, to teething.

Babies who are teething often seem to like chewing on a cold, hard object, such as a chilled teething ring or a raw carrot. Over-the-counter local anaesthetic gels can be soothing if gently applied to the affected gums. The recommended dose of a painkiller can also be given if necessary.

Possible cause and action It is quite common for a tooth to feel uncomfortable for a while after a filling has been put in, especially if the filling is large. If the pain gets worse or if your child is no better within 48 hours, consult your dentist, who will check the filling and adjust it if necessary.

Does your child have pain in several of the teeth in the upper jaw? n°

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