Diabetes and foot care Diabetes mellitus (p.149) increases the risk of skin infections and ulcers on the feet. If you have diabetes, clean, dry, and inspect your feet every day. Never attempt self-treatment for corns or calluses. See your doctor promptly if you develop an ulcer or sore on your foot.


call an ambulance call your doctor now

Possible cause A blood vessel in the leg may have become blocked, possibly by a blood clot, cutting off the supply of blood and oxygen to the foot.

action Your doctor will arrange for you to be admitted to hospital for tests such as femoral angiography (p.232) to determine the site and cause of the blockage. Treatment may include thrombolytic drugs to dissolve the clot or surgery to remove or bypass the blockage.

possible causes A fractured bone or serious damage to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments of the foot is possible.

action You will probably need an X-ray (p.39) to discover the extent of the damage. Sometimes, an operation is needed to reposition bones. Depending on the injury, you may need to wear a plaster cast or a firm bandage.

possible cause A minor fracture of one of the small bones in your foot (a march fracture) is a possibility. Consult your doctor.

action Your doctor will examine you and may arrange for an X-ray (p.39) to confirm the diagnosis. If you have a march fracture, your foot will be firmly bandaged and you will be advised to rest it for a week or two.

Do you have redness and swelling around the edge of a big toenail?

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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