Accuracy of Screening

Several screening instruments are available and have a sensitivity of 80% to 90% and specificity of 70% to 85% (Pignone et al., 2002a). Instruments include the Beck Depression Inventory, the Zung Self-Assessment Depression Scale, and the General Health Questionnaire. Most instruments are easy to use and take less than 5 minutes to administer, although most depressed patients can be identified simply by asking about depressed mood and anhedonia (loss of pleasurable feelings). The Patient Health Questionnaire for Adolescents and the Beck Depression Inventory-Primary Care have demonstrated good sensitivity and specificity in primary care settings in adolescents (Williams et al., 2009). A review of these tools can be found in the article at 2002/0915/p1001.html.

Natural Depression Cures

Natural Depression Cures

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