Adjunctive Therapy

Numerous modalities have been attempted to expedite the wound healing process, but their role remains unclear. Examples include electrical stimulation, hyperbaric oxygen, ultrasound, and hydrotherapy (Baba-Akbari et al., 2006; Kranke et al., 2004; Olyaee Manesh et al., 2006). Negative-pressure wound therapy has shown promise in the management of stage III and IV pressure ulcer (Banwell and Teot, 2003; Mendez-Eastman, 2004). Further research is needed to establish efficacy of adjunctive therapy for wound healing.


Assess all support surfaces and patient factors for increased pressure and modify appropriately (AHCPR, 1994, Reddy et al., 2006) (SOR: A).

Assess and manage the patient's nutritional status (AHCPR, 1994; Langer et al., 2003; Thomas, 2001) (SOR: B). Assess all patients for pain related to the pressure ulcer treatment or its treatment (AHCPR, 1994; NPUAP, 2007) (SOR: C).

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