Parents should be particularly conscientious of safety while bathing the newborn. The infant (and toddler) should never be left unattended near standing water, to prevent accidental drowning. As long as the infant's face and diaper area are kept clean, the infant does not require daily bathing. Frequent bathing with soap can dry out sensitive newborn skin, and creams, lotions, and powders can irritate a baby's skin. If the infant has unusually dry skin, unscented, non-alcohol-based lotions can be used (Thureen et al., 2005). The parent can test the bathwater by dipping an elbow in the water. The water should be comfortably warm and not hot to the touch. The temperature of the water heater within the home should be kept below 120° F (49 ° C) to prevent accidental scalding injuries (Consumer Products Safety Commission, 2005).

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