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Dog-ear formations occur when the two edges of a wound are not equal length. Tissue may be trimmed before suturing. An ellipse can be cut around the dog-ear, or an

B Short diagonal (central member)

B Short diagonal (central member)

Long diagonal C

Figure 28-13 Classic equilateral triangle 60-degree Z-plasty.

(Modified from Thomas JR, Holt GR. Facial Scars, Incisions, Revision, and Camouflage. St Louis, 1989, Mosby; and Thomas JR, MobleySRl Scar revision and camouflage. In Cummings CW, Flint PW, Haughey BH, et al. Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 4th ed. Mosby-Elsevier, Philadelphia, 2005)

extension laterally at an angle, and then repaired (Fig. 28-14). Another technique is called "leashing the dogear." Tie off the repair near the start of the dog-ear. Place a single, interrupted suture by diving through the wound along the axis of the wound and out behind the dog-ear. When tied down, this suture may flatten a small dog-ear (Khachemoune et al., 2005).

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