Creating optimal healing environments with health-oriented teams honors the concepts of the medical home as primary care physicians transition to health as a critical focus (see Table 2-2). This is an exciting opportunity for professionals from varied disciplines to come together to work toward a common goal and honors specific expertise. The family physician's expertise in understanding the multiple, complex systems working toward the patient's unique goal of health leads the implementation of these model health homes.

The gift of primary care is the human connection that occurs within continuous healing relationships. Family physicians will succeed in providing efficient, cost-effective quality care if they invest in aspects of care that are the most valuable yet most difficult to measure. The most important area is the nonquantifiable process occurring between the practitioner and patient in which both are transformed (Scott et al., 2008).

The complete reference list is available online at

Videos to educate staff and colleagues about the patient-centered medical home (PCMH).

Resources for transforming a medical practice to a medical home.

Resources on PCMH from the TransforMED project and the AAFP.

Module to calculate your medical home IQ. Gives a baseline practice assessment toward the creation of a medical home.


• Positive lifestyle behaviors have the largest effect on reducing morbidity and mortality (Khaw et al., 2008; McGinnis et al., 2002; Schroeder, 2007) (SOR: A).

• Team-based interventions are more effective in promoting healthy behaviors than are those that provide isolated therapy (Woolf et al., 2005, Safran et al., 2006) (SOR: B).

• Relationship-centered care improves quality of care (Starfield, 1991) (SOR: B).

• Relationship-centered care reduces health care costs (De Maese-neer et al., 2003; Epstein et al., 2005) (SOR: B).

A community of clinicians, tools, and resources to help clinics transform to a PCMH (requires a monthly fee).

Guide for creating a patient information guide about your medical home. A guide for creating an optimal healing environment in health care.

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