Correction of Refractive Errors Contact Lenses

A major use of contact lenses is to correct myopia, apha-kia, and astigmatism. It is critical to have a well-motivated patient who will wear contacts successfully. The many types of contact lenses mainly fall into four groups: (1) daily-wear hard lenses, (2) daily-wear soft lenses, (3) rigid, gas-permeable lenses, and (4) extended-wear soft lenses. Hard lenses have generally been constructed of polymethyl methacrylate. The material absorbs less fluid than soft contact lenses. Soft contacts may become 80% or more hydrated. New materials for hard and soft lenses continue to be developed. Complications of contact lenses, particularly extended-wear contacts, include infection, ocular allergies, follicular conjunctivitis, contact lens opacification, corneal edema, and corneal vas-cularization. Therefore, patients wearing contacts and complaining of red eyes require urgent evaluation.

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Curing Eczema Naturally

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