Determinants of Obesity

Key Points

• Obesity results from the interaction of genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle.

• Genetic factors are estimated to account for 30% to 40% of the variability in adult weight.

• Genetic influence is polygenic.

• Specific metabolic or endocrine disorders account for less than 1% of the obese population.

When reduced to basics, obesity results from calorie consumption in excess of expenditure. What complicates this simple principle is the role of genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Throughout human evolution there has been a survival advantage to storing energy as fat. The conveniences of modern life have led to a decrease in energy expenditure. At the same time, greater access to energy-dense food, along with other factors, has increased energy consumption. These changes, in the relatively recent past, negate the survival advantage of fat storage for most segments of the population.

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Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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