Hydroceles are fluid accumulations in the tunica vaginalis and can be primary, resulting from a failure of the processus vaginalis to close during development, or secondary to epididymitis, orchitis, testicular torsion, trauma, or tumors (Brenner and Ojo, 2004). Hydroceles typically transillumi-nate, whereas inguinal hernias do not. In young children, management is supportive, with the hydrocele often resolving by age 2 years. Hydroceles presenting beyond 2 years or those associated with inguinal hernias require surgical consultation. Also, some hydroceles are communicating; that is, fluid can pass from the peritoneal cavity into the hydrocele. These may change in size with activity or during the day and need surgical evaluation (Schneck and Bellinger, 2007). Hydroceles arising de novo in adults often have a secondary cause and require evaluation (Dogra et al., 2003).

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