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Keratosis pilaris is very common and presents as tiny (<1 mm) keratotic follicular papules found on extensor arms and thighs and occasionally the cheeks. The numerous papules give the skin a rough feeling. Often there is a ring of erythema around the follicle. Incidence of keratosis pilaris

Figure 33-7 Pityriasis alba. (e Richard P. Usatine.)

is increased in AD patients. Treatment consists of emollients combined with keratolytic agents; common preparations are 5% or 12% ammonium lactate (AmLactin, Laclotion, Lac-Hydrin) and urea-based creams or lotions. Patient education should stress that keratosis pilaris is genetic and cannot be cured. Any smoothing with topical agents is temporary and will return if the treatment is stopped.

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