Key Treatment

Thyrotoxicosis is treated initially with beta blockers and antithyroid medication to control symptoms and stop synthesis/release of thyroid hormone into the peripheral circulation (Oiknine et al., 2006; Trivalle et al., 1996) (SOR: A).

Hypothyroid (TSH >10 mlU/L) replacement T4 dose is approximately 1.6 ^g/kg/day (Oiknine et al., 2006) (SOR: A). With the exception of thyroid antibody-positive subclinical hypothyroidism, prophylactic treatment has not shown positive effect on lipids or CAD risk (Helfand, 2004) (SOR: A). Subclinical hyperthyroidism should be treated when caused by nodular thyroid disease (ACCE, 2002) (SOR: B).

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