Key Treatment

NSAIDs are the mainstay of treatment for symptomatic reactive arthritis but do not alter or shorten its course (SOR: C). Intra-articular injections can be helpful and are not contraindicated in Reiter's syndrome (SOR: C).

When there is unsatisfactory response to NSAIDs or steroid injections, a trial of sulfasalazine is suggested for patients with reactive arthritis (SOR: C).

For patients with contraindications or intolerance to sulfasalazine, a trial of etanercept can be attempted (SOR: C).

NSAIDs are the first line of treatment for psoriatic arthritis (Cuellar et al., 1994) (SOR: B).

Methotrexate and sulfasalazine have proven efficacy in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis (Jones et al., 2000) (SOR: B); used as second-line agents if inadequate response to NSAIDs. Patients with axial disease or who have peripheral disease without improvement to DMARD treatments are candidates for anti-TNF medications, which have proven efficacy (Saad et al., 2008) (SOR: A).

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