Late Decelerations

Late decelerations are consistent with NICHHD Category III, abnormal FHR tracing, and are associated with uteropla-cental insufficiency. These are provoked by uterine contractions and are associated with decrease in uterine blood flow or placental dysfunction. A late deceleration is a symmetric, gradual fall in FHR beginning at or after the contraction peak, with a slow return to baseline only after the contraction has passed (Fig. 21-14). Postdate gestation, preeclamp-sia, chronic hypertension, and diabetes mellitus are among the many causes of placental dysfunction. The management of late decelerations include turning the patient on her side to physiologically increase cardiac output and uterine blood flow, administering IV fluids to correct hypotension, discontinuing oxytocin infusion, and administering oxygen.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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