Living apart from abuser

Neighbors, friends, and someone at work should know about the situation, including how and when to call the police. Inform school and child care providers if a partner is not allowed to pick up the children.

Consider additional safeguards at the residence, including extra locks or alarm systems.

Consider seeking a protection (restraining) order.

benefits of reporting. In IPV cases that do not require mandatory reporting and do not involve children, the physician should be prepared to help victims make decisions about their use of the legal system.


Patients in IPV situations should be treated individually, not as a couple, and children should be referred to child focus treatments as needed (SOR: C).

Safety planning is recommended if IPV is detected (AMA; Ferris et al., 1997) (SOR: B).

Referrals and resource information should be provided for every patient (AMA; Ferris et al., 1997) (SOR: B).

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