Monocyte and Macrophage Disorders

These disorders are histiocytic syndromes in which macrophages and dendritic cells are abnormal, such as acute monocytic leukemia, monocytic sarcoma, nonmalignant disorders such as histiocytosis syndromes, and Hand-Schuller-Christian and Letterer-Siwe disease. Most of these are rare and infrequently seen in family medicine. Lysosomal storage diseases are enzymatic disorders that are usually congenital, such as lipid and polysaccharide storage diseases.

platelets. The youngest platelets are the largest, as reflected in the mean platelet volume (MPV), which is an automatically determined parameter in the CBC. Smaller platelets are older, have less activity, and are less effective. Platelets live approximately 8V2 to 10 days in the circulation, with a halflife of 4 days.

Although there is no reserve pool of platelets in the bone marrow, the marrow can increase its production of platelets sevenfold to eightfold above normal in response to stress (Fig. 39-6). From 30% to 40% of the platelet pool is in the spleen. Platelets freely move between the spleen and the circulation. (See further discussion online.)

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