Morbilliform Maculopapular Exanthemlike Reaction

Morbilliform eruption is by far the most common type of drug eruption, reported in response to almost every drug. Small, pink to red papules and macules usually start on the face or upper chest and can extend to limbs; resembling measles (Fig. 33-66). The rash may be relatively asymptomatic or extremely pruritic. The typical course begins 7 to 14 days after drug initiation if the first exposure. On reexposure to the same medicine, the eruption will occur much more quickly, within 1 to 3 days. Maculopapular reaction is not generally life threatening and does not proceed to anaphylaxis; therefore, when no alternative drug is available, the offending agent can be continued. The eruption can be treated symptomatically with antihistamines and midpotency topical corticosteroids.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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