Motor Changes

Symptoms are usually most pronounced distally. This is especially true with polyneuropathies, in which symptoms of stumbling, clumsiness, and weakness are most common because of the effects on the intrinsic muscles. Motor symptoms can range from mild weakness to complete paralysis. Diminished DTRs may be one of the early signs of motor dysfunction. Denervation of muscles causes eventual atrophy. An example is the "sharp shin" sign, whereby atrophy of the tibialis anterior muscle gives a prominent appearance to the tibia. As the intrinsic muscles deteriorate, the wasting gives the hands and feet a skeletal appearance. In long-standing neuropathies, trophic changes such as high-arched feet (pes cavus), hammertoes, kyphoscoliosis, and hair loss with or without ulcerations can be seen. Cramps, fasciculations, and restless legs may also be present.

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

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