Ocular Trauma and Other Emergencies

Key Points

• Chemical burns require immediate evaluation and treatment to stabilize the ocular surface.

• Central retinal artery occlusion requires immediate intervention to return oxygenation to the retina. Patients should be thoroughly evaluated to determine the source of the retinal artery occlusion.

• Hyphema should be carefully managed with bed rest, shielding the injured eye, and appropriate pharmacologic or surgical treatment to minimize potential complications. Patients with hyphema and angle recession require lifelong evaluation for possible glaucoma.

• Ocular foreign bodies of the surface can be conservatively managed with removal of the foreign material and appropriate antibiotic ointment. Care should always be taken to rule out an occult ruptured globe.

• The early signs of a retinal detachment include an increase in floaters or flashing lights. Retinal detachments warrant careful evaluation and prompt intervention.

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