Other Techniques

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an option comparable with CT for detecting renal masses. MR urography is also available. MRI studies are more expensive than CT, however, and availability varies (Brehmer, 2002). Thus, this modality is often used when CT examination is equivocal or contraindicated. MRI is used for staging prostate cancers (Harisinghani et al., 2003).

Voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) uses contrast imaging of the bladder and urethra during urination. Contrast material is delivered via catheter, and the images are obtained while the patient voids. It is most often used to diagnose suspected vesicoureteral reflux. Nuclear medicine studies may also be used to examine possible vesicoureteral reflux, as well as renal function or suspected testicular torsion.

Mole Removal

Mole Removal

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