Patient Satisfaction

Attributes considered most important for patient satisfaction are listed in Table 1-1 (Stock Keister et al., 2004a). Overall, people want their primary care doctor to meet five basic criteria: "to be in their insurance plan, to be in a location that is convenient, to be able to schedule an appointment within a reasonable period of time, to have good communication skills, and to have a reasonable amount of experience in practice." They especially want "a physician who listens to them, who takes the time to explain things to them, and who is able to effectively integrate their care" (Stock Keister et al., 2004b, p. 2312).

Patient satisfaction correlates strongly with physician satisfaction, and physicians satisfied with their careers are more likely to provide better health care than dissatisfied physicians. If physicians do not enjoy their jobs, their patients are not likely to be happy with these physicians' job performance.

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