Patient Centered Medical Home

The patient-centered medical home ((PCMH; see Chapter 2) has been proposed as an enhanced model of primary care by four medical organizations (family medicine, pediatrics,

The pace of medical progress may result in tomorrow's innovations exceeding today's fantasies. Family medicine in the future will be different as a result of technology. Every patient and physician will be computer literate, with patients having access to the same sources of information as the physician. Patients are likely to have their own home page that contains their medical information and gives them access to whatever services they need (Scherger, 2005). Although the Internet is an excellent tool for consumers to access information about their health and for disseminating health care information, it will never be a substitute for a face-to-face discussion and physical examination. It cannot convey the worry in a voice or the subtle nonverbal clues to the real reason for the patient's distress. However, the Internet does allow the individual patient to be more active and involved in his or her own care.

The advent of the electronic medical record may be as significant as the discovery of penicillin (see Chapter 9). It will allow the family physician to incorporate the latest evidence-based recommendations into an individual's care, write electronic prescriptions, and be alerted to drug interactions while seeing a patient. Internet-based textbooks such as this one will provide immediate access to information during the patient visit.

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