Peroneal Neuropathy

The common peroneal nerve is most often compressed as it passes close to the fibular head. Such compression occurs from prolonged leg crossing, squatting, or kneeling, improperly fitted cast or stockings, or prolonged pressure in an intoxicated or comatose patient. Symptoms of peroneal palsy consist of sensory loss over the lateral calf and dorsum of the foot and a weakness of ankle dorsiflexion (footdrop) and foot eversion without pain. If a clear history of trauma or compression cannot be elicited, imaging of the posterior fossa is necessary to rule out a mass lesion. Patients with a more permanent injury to the peroneal nerve may need an ankle-foot orthotic device to provide ankle stability and prevent plantar flexion contractures.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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