Safety Planning

Safety planning is a key intervention for victims of IPV. Planning between the physician and patient helps to send the message that IPV is serious. The patient needs to hear that IVP will typically continue without an intervention, and that IVP can be life threatening and may require immediate action. This message can help reduce the patient's sense of isolation and despair, and is especially helpful for patients who are not yet ready to make or implement a safety plan on their own. Safety planning is important regardless of whether a victim is in the midst of a violent incident, planning to leave, or living apart from her abuser. Safety planning should include gathering all essential documents, setting aside required finances, developing packing lists, developing child care plans, having a list of emergency numbers, and having shelter contact information (Box 45-4).

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

All you need is a proper diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and get plenty of exercise and you'll be fine. Ever heard those words from your doctor? If that's all heshe recommends then you're missing out an important ingredient for health that he's not telling you. Fact is that you can adhere to the strictest diet, watch everything you eat and get the exercise of amarathon runner and still come down with diabetic complications. Diet, exercise and standard drug treatments simply aren't enough to help keep your diabetes under control.

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