Special Studies

Airway fluoroscopy is useful for evaluating pediatric stridor. Fluoroscopy provides a dynamic picture of the entire airway from the nasopharynx to the carina. This facilitates the identification of obstructive lesions or foreign bodies during both phases of respiration.

A more specialized examination called video laryngeal stroboscopy (VLS) is performed by a speech/language pathologist. This technique allows highly detailed views of the larynx and also allows evaluation of the gross movement of the vocal cords and their vibratory motion. VLS is an excellent modality to photo-document lesions of the laryngopharynx. VLS is also helpful to voice therapists in identifying and following patients with voice disorders, including hoarseness and paradoxical vocal cord dysfunction (see later discussion).

Finally, direct laryngoscopy using a rigid laryngoscope can be performed, usually in the OR. Indications include the need for further evaluation and biopsy of pathology of the larynx.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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