Strabismus in Adults

Adult strabismus results in both visual and psychosocial disabilities. Adults with strabismus may not be offered appropriate surgical treatment because of misconceptions regarding surgical and nonsurgical correction. Successful strabismus surgery can relieve diplopia and visual confusion, restore or establish depth perception, expand the visual field, eliminate an abnormal head posture, and improve psychosocial function and employability.

Adults with strabismus should be referred to an ophthalmologist who specializes in surgical and nonsurgical correction of adults. Patients should understand the management of strabismus, if possible, and can be educated regarding the relative risks and benefits of surgery.


The surgical and nonsurgical treatment of strabismus in adults results in improved binocular visual function, visual rehabilitation of sensorimotor system, and improved psychosocial benefits (AAO, 2007) (SOR: A).

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