For the majority of depressed patients, the beneficial effects of antidepressants greatly outweigh the risks. CAM treatments for depression may be beneficial for some patients, but study methodology limits their generalizability. ECT is still considered the most effective treatment for severe depression. VNS and TMS are emerging therapies for the treatment of depression.


Psychotherapy is an important and effective treatment strategy for both depression and anxiety. Psychotherapy combined with pharmacotherapy often yields superior results to either treatment alone (Furukawa et al., 2007; Pampallona et al., 2004) (SOR: A).

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Site created by the American Psychiatric Association to provide education and resources on mental health issues. National Alliance on Mental Illness

Grass-roots, self-help, support, and advocacy group for people with severe mental illnesses, their family members, and friends. Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Provides education to patients and families about mood disorders; advocates research funding, improving access to care, fostering self-help, and decreasing public stigma of these illnesses. Depression Is Real

Provides information and resources about depression. Madison Institute of Medicine

Provides information and resources on mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and dementias. WebMD Depression

Provides information on diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

Tips And Tricks For Relieving Anxiety... Fast Everyone feels anxious sometimes. Whether work is getting to us or we're simply having hard time managing all that we have to do, we can feel overwhelmed and worried that we might not be able to manage it all. When these feelings hit, we don't have to suffer. By taking some simple steps, you can begin to create a calmer attitude, one that not only helps you feel better, but one that allows you the chance to make better decisions about what you need to do next.

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